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Sometimes, when I’m reading a book, a phrase or a sentence strikes me as so apt, so evocative or so beautiful that it stays in my memory for ages. The words may be simple and unremarkable but the combination makes them memorable. Recently I started to write them down. Go to the Blog to share yours.


“... the joy of being in the open, unrolling a swag in a creekbed or in a hollow between dunes, sitting by a fire and watching the stars come out like gooseflesh in the heavens.”
Tim Winton,               Island Home, a landscape memoir (Extract)


"As the day died the light became long and golden, running parallel to the flat endlessness on either side of the road. It spun across the paddocks and through the windshield of the moving vehicle, making it apparent that thousands of insects had already given their tiny lives to our quest. Scattered across the glass like a cloudy network of punctuation marks, they provided a good-luck caul to the afternoon. And when I applied water and windscreen-wipers, the commas of their corpses stretched to exclamation marks – a punctuation lesson that screened the impassivity of the country from the mock earnestness of purpose that lurched and swilled inside the moving cabin of the ute."

Pat Hoffie from her Digital Essay - Ground Truthing


"And yet the town was enticing me, it was dreamy in those autumn days. It was spellbound, with a melancholy light on the gray or yellow brick walls, and a peculiar stillness, now that the birds had flown south and the reaping machines in the country round about were silent."
Alice Munro - The View from Castle Rock


"Dust motes floated like worlds journeying in different galaxies....."
Alex Miller – Landscape of Desire


"The glint of light on a man’s dark hair brought him back and brought back his absence...."
John Fisher - Berlinda


"Here in these soft pale days at the lapsing of the year...."
John Banville - Ancient Light


"The night ebbs away on the moans of one wounded man... "
Stephen Samuel – Strange Eventful History