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Sometimes, when I’m reading a book, a phrase or a sentence strikes me as so apt, so evocative or so beautiful that it stays in my memory for ages. The words may be simple and unremarkable but the combination makes them memorable. Recently I started to write them down. Go to the Blog to share yours.

Driving over the moor at Auchentiber that first October evening I saw Dalgarnock Abbey and the town below it emerge out of the darkness like the burning matter in a dream of constant renewal.

Versions of myself fanned out and danced before the headlamps, and I pursued them, these furies, the window open to the ancient world and the town glowing orange and alive down there at the centre of its own embers.
Andrew O’Hagan - Be Near Me

Dust motes floated like worlds journeying in different galaxies.....
Alex Miller – Landscape of Desire

The glint of light on a man’s dark hair brought him back and brought back his absence....
John Fisher - Berlinda

Here in these soft pale days at the lapsing of the year....
John Banville - Ancient Light

The night ebbs away on the moans of one wounded man...
Stephen Samuel – Strange Eventful History