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"Writers who pontificate about their own use of language drive me right up the
wall. I've discovered that this is an occupational disease of those ladies with three-barreled names one meets at the Authors' League, the PEN Club, and so forth. In what spare time I have, I read the expert opinions of V. S. Pritchett and Edmund Wilson, who are to my mind the best-qualified authorities on the written English language. Vaporizing about one's own stylistic intricacies strikes me as .... inexcusable."

S. J. Perelman, The Art of Fiction No. 31
Interviewed by William Cole and George Plimpton
for The Paris Review


Overheard in a quiet pub at lunchtime, 2 twenty-something-year-olds at the next table: “I woke up the next morning in his flat and he had, like, nothing! Thank God I took my own hair-straightener!”


The Age, 14 Feb. 2014

“Grey hardly attractive even in Fifty Shades”

Stephanie Bunbury – ‘James writes as if she were limited to the words she found in a box of fridge magnets.’