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My favourite authors include:

  • Anne Tyler
  • Alice Munro
  • Barbara Kingsolver
  • John Banville
  • Sonya Hartnett
  • Sally Vickers
  • Penelope Lively
  • Kate Grenville
  • Tim Winton

Most loved books ever:

  • The Idea of Perfection – Kate Grenville
  • The Trout Opera – Matthew Condon

My Writing:

The Year of the Lilyweeds – historical fiction. Completed manuscript undergoing yet another edit in preparation for my ASA mentorship in 2015-02-15

Also subject of the Varuna HarperCollins Fellowship in 2013

June, 2015

After receiving a detailed written report from my new ASA mentor, Diana Giese, and being on a mid-semester break from RMIT, I've finally launched myself into the rewrite of The Year of the Lilyweeds. I can hardly believe my good fortune with this mentorship. I work on one section of the m/s as recommended, send it as an attachment to Diana and within days she responds with comments and encouragement.

Note to self: must not say yes to any more lunch dates during the break. The manuscript must come first or I'll be back at 'school' and having to give assignments first priority....


The Tenant at Holders Farm – rural fiction. Completed manuscript currently with a publisher who requested to see the full manuscript after I submitted excerpts, then asked for a re-ordering of events in the story. Submitted again. Waiting, waiting.

April 2015: this m/s was a runner-up in the National Literary Awards - Fellowship of Australian Writers this month. Another tick, more waiting...,

The Dark Behind the Stars – contemporary fiction about a woman who shoplifts. 30,000 words in and Iíve lost my way.

Return to Stringers Track – just started, 5,000 words on the theme of memory, reliable and unreliable.

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Iím not going to tell you the story the way it happened.

Iím going to tell it the way I remember it.Ē

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


When I was younger, I could remember anything,

whether it had happened or not

Mark Twain


ObsessionAnd one solitary short story – Obsession – recently published in Stringybark collection Role of a Lifetime. Not a genre Iím very good at, nor one I read very often. Should try harder.